WTS18 Walk Through Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detection

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WTS18 Walk Through Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detection

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The WTs 18 - 18 Zone Walk Through Metal Detector is a continuous wave advanced high discrimination 18 zone metal detector with vertical zones monitoring the left, centre and right side of the person undergoing screening. These zones determine whether a metallic item is being carried, and the location of it on the body.

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18 Independent Detection Zones

180˚ Degree View Angle Panel LEDs

Adjustable Zone Sensitivity

Continuous Wave Technology

Discrimination Mode Capable

Factory & User Definable Pre-sets

Harmless to Pacemakers and Pregnant Women

Integrated Floor Mounting Boots

Interference Rejection Circuit

Optional Networking

Security Password

Traffic Pacing Stop and Go lights

User Programmable Processor


Adjustable floor zone: Fully compensates for signal losses caused by metal in floor

Advanced control algorithms and unique circuitry provide excellent noise immunity

Alarm display pinpoints: Exact location of weapon or targeted object

Alarm relay output contacts: For operating external devices such as cameras and door locks

Baseline sensitivity range for each program: 1-99% in steps of 1.0%

Continuous wave multiple sensor measurement technology

Continuously active detection: Detects weapons that are passed, slid or tossed through detector

Detection programs: 20

Detection zones: 18

Electrical: Adjusts automatically to variations in the line voltage from 95VAC to 250VAC or35VDC without operator intervention Header: 85x27.5 x 62.5cm, 15.45 Kg

Horizontal axis gain control

Humidity: 95% non-condensing

Individual zone sensitivity adjustments: from -99 to+99% in 1.0% steps

Magnetic field certified safe for heart pacemakers

Meets UL, CSA, VDE and TUV & N.I.L.E.C.J. Standard 0601.00 security levels 1-5

On/Off key lock and dual-level: Six digit security pass codes

Operating Environment: 0ºC to +55ºC

Selectable operating frequencies: 16

Shipping Dimensions and Weight Side Panels: 227.5 x 22.5 x 67.5cm, 65.45 Kg

Status display: Red - Alarm, Green - Ready and Yellow – Wait

Suitable for weapon screening and asset protection

Traffic throughput: More than 50 passes per minute

Vu graph: Shows real-time signal strength

Warranty: 2 Years Parts

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