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Underwater Communications

Diver Communication & Disruption Systems are required for interception where an unauthorised activity is detected by sonar or other means in a restricted area.

Once an underwater threat has been detected, the authorities will need to deploy countermeasures to intercept the threat and this can present a number of challenges and safety concerns, particularly where there is limited visibility. To address this requirement, Westminster have developed its Enforcer solution, a unique and highly effective diver communication and disruption system.

Underwater Communications
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Enforcer Underwater Diver Communication & Disruption System

An acoustic marine communication application that is designed to work in conjunction with other diver detection systems, such as sonar, etc.

It is both an underwater communications system and a high-powered acoustic disruption system, which can be used to ‘warn off’, or if necessary, ‘disrupt’ any unauthorised divers detected approaching or in a restricted area.

The intention is to communicate and ‘warn off’ the diver.

  • Provide underwater safety & security announcements
  • Communicate with diver(s) approaching a restricted area
  • Broadcast escalating acoustic warnings should intruders not respond
  • Broadcast powerful ‘disruption’ signals. The frequencies are designed to have a maximum disorientation effect on the diver encouraging them to surface without harm.

Note: The Supply of this system is subject to an Export Licence being granted by the UK HMRC authorities.

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