CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance is a widely used security technology..

..Why? Because CCTV works for the prevention and detection of crime. Whether within a small retail outlet or a busy international airport, CCTV provides a security defence which can be used to detect crime and be used to convict those crimes. Many CCTV systems, however, are poorly installed and maintained, and so they don’t achieve the desired results.

Westminster can help. With over 20 years experience in the deployment of surveillance systems across the world, Westminster know what is needed for any environment. Having successfully installed systems in high security environments such as Airports and Banks, Westminster can assist with any requirement.

CCTV Surveillance
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CCTV Systems

Whether for general or covert observation, Westminster have the experience to provide a system with the most appropriate design.

From a single camera, to systems consisting of many hundreds of cameras incorporating detailed graphics and system integration, from single monitors to systems capable of being monitored remotely internationally via advanced transmission methods, Westminster have the experience.

Systems can be developed for any sector including:

  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Government Facilities
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Buildings


Fixed Cameras

Fixed cameras allow the permanent recording of specific points and are the most common type of camera used. Fixed cameras can have zoom lenses to focus at the right level of detail for the desired application.

PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Cameras

PTZ cameras allow the operator to move the camera focus, giving an overview of a much wider area than fixed cameras. Operators can also zoom in on the intricate details that may be taking place in a scene. The drawback of PTZ cameras is the loss of focus on specific areas whilst the camera is being pointed elsewhere, this can be elevated by the addition of fixed cameras dedicated to the most important points of a given area.

Panoramic 180⁰ / 360⁰ Cameras

Panoramic cameras provide a hybrid solution between fixed and PTZ cameras. By recording a much wider area in very high definition, an operator can zoom in on a specific point within the field of view without affecting the continued recording of the whole area.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal cameras provide an additional level of surveillance by detecting heat rather than visible light. This means thermal cameras can still "see" in total darkness or in fog. Thermal cameras can also be used to pick up on body heat, even when hidden in the visible scene such as a person camouflaged in bushes.

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Advanced Solutions

Advanced solutions can be used to enhance the performance of a CCTV System.

The biggest failing in any CCTV system is the operator. Relying on operators to spot issues taking place on a camera is bound to lead to a loss of security, especially when there are several, even hundreds, of cameras.

Video analysis systems and Artificial Intelligence, AI, solutions can provide that extra level of security and means that all cameras can be monitored 24/7 without fatigue or loss of attention. On detection of specified events, the system can be programmed to take many actions, such as triggering an alarm or warning messagey, or sending reports directly to security staff in the location.

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Control Room

CCTV Control Room

No CCTV system is complete without some form of control room. Whether that is a simple monitor in a back office or a fully bespoke control & command room, Westminster can help with the design and fit out of any size control room.

The key requirement in the success of larger control rooms is for all operators to be able to monitor CCTV footage from around the site. With a central focus on a large media wall and separate operator screens supplying footage from selected cameras, the technical furniture needs to be specifically designed to support this central focus, often with the console being curved to allow 2 or more operators to view the media wall ergonomically.

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