Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging cameras are available in a number of variants and for multiple applications, displaying images based on temperature rather than visible light. For security applications, the ability of thermal cameras to be able to provide clear surveillance in zero lighting conditions as well as through smoke, fog and blinding light, makes these cameras an essential element when designing surveillance solutions - particularly in external and high-risk environments such as airports, ports, power stations, borders and other critical infrastructure.  

Thermal imaging cameras are ideal for use in situations where normal surveillance cameras are ineffective. They are not just ideal for use in adverse lighting conditions, but also can perform better in rain and snow etc.

We have a wide range of thermal cameras and solutions, including cooled or uncooled, fixed installation, temporary deployment and hand-held units, and can provide solutions to monitor people, animals, vehicles, vessels, aircraft etc. from a distance of a few hundred meters up to 30km. We can provide a stand-alone solution or a fully integrated system with other security surveillance and detection devices.

Thermal Imaging
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Types of Thermal Camera

  • Cooled
  • Uncooled
  • Long Range
  • Medium Range
  • Short Range
  • Fixed Installation
  • Hand-Held

Applications forThermal Cameras

  • Security and Surveillance, either stand alone or as part of a security system
  • Safety, Fire Fighting, Rescue Services, Plant Monitoring
  • Medical, Fever Screening Applications and Non-Invasive Temperature Measurement
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