Maritime Security

Offshore Platforms

Oil and gas platforms require expert protection, as do the ships that form their supply chain.

Westminster’s teams of security and risk experts understand how to design, implement and work in complex high-risk environments. By choice, our expert skills in risk management, safety, and security are suited to the global offshore oil and gas industry with a focus on emerging markets. ​

Westminster can deliver cost-effective, bespoke solutions from developing your processes through detailed planning, to training and implementing those plans with your employees and aligned partners. In addition to the detailed process planning, Westminster has an extensive product portfolio with physical solutions to enhance the layers of security and safety at vulnerable points throughout your facilities. Surveillance and scanning applications are just a small part of Westminster’s offering, with an emphasis on upgrading or integrating the solutions with existing systems and technology. ​

Across almost all of Westminster’s Business Units, Client Training is a key asset in our expertise. We can provide a wide range of courses in security, safety and technology to ensure that all your employees' skills are at a level where they are relevant, compliant and current in a constant changing safety and security landscape. ​

Offshore Platforms
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