Inspection & Search

Vehicle Inspection

Westminster's vehicle security systems are used for the inspection of vehicles. The systems high passing rates and intelligent operation make them important security devices for government agencies, customs and military bases.

Search Mirrors

Search mirrors are designed for viewing inaccessible areas both inside and outside of vehicles, viewing areas normally difficult to see in domestic, commercial and government premises for contraband items. They are used for a wide range of applications, with many mirrors being specifically designed for use in a particular environment to allow the user to easily areas normally difficult to see such as under a high vehicle, loft areas, under doors etc.

Search Equipment

Westminster's search equipment has been designed to aid the searching of cars, buildings, aeroplanes and vessels, and includes equipment such as under door cameras, EOD search kits and metal detectors.

Forced Entry Kits

Westminster's forced entry kits are designed for fast, forcible entry and penetration, whereby security forces such as police and the fire services can quickly pry open locks and doors in seconds.

Forgery Detection

Westminster's forgery detection devices are designed to identify forgery in a range of different documents, including passports, ID cards and banknotes.

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