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Door Systems

Door control systems are the basics of Access Control. However, if not properly designed and installed, they can become a cumbersome nuisance, often leading to systems being switched off or doors being propped open.

Westminster is able to provide a full access control solution which meets the project requirements, whilst being as easy to use as possible. By understanding the requirements of the users, building and the security needs, a system can be developed which meets all these needs.

Systems can be developed to cover anything from a few to hundreds of doors, and can even span multiple locations with a single point of control. Systems can provide entry readers only, or in-out readers, anti pass-back, and even airlock setups.

Door Systems
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Card systems

  • Proximity
  • Long Range
  • Mobile Phone


  • Fingerprint
  • Facial
  • Eye

Door Hardware

Door Hardware

  • Locks
  • Exit Buttons
  • Emergency opening
  • Anti Pass Back

Access Control Integration

Access control systems work as a standalone security solution but are more often integrated into a wider security solution. For example, integrating into CCTV systems allows the monitoring and recording of those using secured doors.

Integration with a fire alarm system can be set to generate a roll-call upon fire detection, and can unlock all doors, saving several valuable minutes during an evacuation situation.

Westminster has over 20 years experience integrating access control systems with many other solutions in some of the most secure environments, such as airports, ports and banks.

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