Pipeline Security

Preventing or detecting leaks caused by corrosion, environmental, or malicious damage is a major challenge to gas, oil and water pipeline operators faced with ever tighter regulations worldwide.

Where pipelines run through sensitive areas or over long distances in remote, hostile territory, conventional monitoring and protection methods can be stretched beyond effective limits.

If a pipeline is damaged by a natural disaster, terrorist attack or other interference, significant revenues will be lost and the resulting leakage could be dangerous to the local population and cause environmental damage.

Pipeline networks are particularly vulnerable, and the protection of both land based and sub-aqua pipelines against sabotage, illegal tapping, and terrorist action is a high priority in all countries, particularly in times of heightened tension and reliance on energy. Until now, this has been notoriously difficult to achieve effectively.

We have a range of advanced pipeline detection solutions for the protection of entire pipeline networks, be they below ground, above ground or under water (sub-aqua). These solutions are capable of detecting any Third Party Interference (TPI) or leaks, whatever the cause. The systems are capable of protecting thousands of kilometres of pipeline in one seamless integrated solution and can be interfaced with other systems to provide a common Control and Command system covering the whole infrastructure.

We can also provide integration with surveillance systems and other detection systems, as well as assist responders by integration with aerial drones which can be programmed to respond to incidents and provide situational awareness intelligence, prior to manned response team arrival.

Pipelines from offshore facilities or running between land masses are uniquely vulnerable to covert attacks from divers or submersibles. We can supply a range of advanced sub-aqua Sonar and Diver Disruption Systems which can be installed at strategic positions along the pipeline, and which can detect, track and intercept any approaching diver.

Pipeline Security
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