Maritime Security

Diver Detection

Diver Detection Sonar systems are designed to automatically detect and track underwater and surface threats.

Whether it is naval or commercial ports; power stations or petrochemical plants; oil platforms; pipelines; anchored vessels; or other waterside assets and infrastructure, all are vulnerable to the threat of underwater attack and sabotage.

To counter such threats, governments, owners and operators of maritime facilities need to deploy effective defence systems, often integrating a variety or technologies.

Westminster have the skills and experience to design, supply, install and maintain solutions with all the complexities involved with the provision of integrated maritime security solutions.

A key defence to underwater threats will be the provision of Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) systems. We have a range of DDS solutions to cover all applications, whether fixed installation, temporary deployment, or even vessel-borne systems that can be deployed when a vessel drops anchor.

To avoid un-necessary false alerts from fish and floating debris, it is essential that DDS systems can both identify and track any target.

Our systems can track and simultaneously classify multiple targets up to a range of 900 metres, or more using single or multi-head active solutions. The systems will detect, classify and then track underwater and surface threats, principally divers (scuba or closed-circuit, with or without propulsion aids), surface swimmers and underwater vessels.

Our DDS systems can also be integrated with other maritime security solutions such as radar, thermal and optical CCTV cameras, vessel tracking, and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), all with common control and command systems.

Once a threat has been detected and is being tracked, the authorities will need to deploy countermeasures to deal with the threat. In this respect, Westminster have developed its Enforcer solution, a unique and highly effective diver communication and disruption system – see here

Sonar systems can be used for multiple applications including:

  • Naval & commercial ports
  • Power stations
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Oil platforms
  • Pipelines
  • Anchored vessels
  • Waterside buildings, hotels, palaces, government establishments
  • Other critical infrastructure
Diver Detection
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