Perimeter Security

Border Security

National borders, whether at airports, seaports, or on land, present a unique set of security challenges.

Westminster are able to advise on and provide a complete range of solutions from long range perimeter detection systems for the physical border; people, vehicle and container screening for checkpoints; and identity checking systems for customs and immigration purposes.

Border Security
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WG ID Border Control Immigration & Advanced Passenger Information

WG ID Border Control Immigration Solution

The WG ID Border Control Immigration Solution can be deployed as a stand-alone or multiple location integrated system.

At the immigration control point the system will be used to:-

  • Capture photos of travellers;
  • Interface with passport readers to extract bio-data from passports;
  • Open / read ICAO chips;
  • Provide reports against data sets;
  • Record and store arriving and departure details for passengers;
  • Swipe travel documents;
  • Verify or register bio-metrics such as finger prints.

The captured information is immediately used to:-

  • Check against profiles;
  • Check against watch lists;
  • Check against visa information;
  • Highlight and displays any history on the travel documents;
  • Link a traveller to specific flights or airlines;
  • Store data locally and if required share with other organisations globally.

WG Advanced Passenger Information (API) Solution

The WG Advanced Passenger Information Solution can be deployed as a stand-alone or multiple location integrated system.

The solution extends the features of WG ID Border Control Immigration solution incorporating Advanced Passenger Information controls.


  • Accurate passenger data for both individual flights and travel in/out of the country;
  • Can link to Interpol to verify passengers and travel documents;
  • Extends Border Control to the passenger’s point of departure;
  • Improves passenger experience whilst increasing throughput.
Advance Passenger Information (API)

The API module accepts inputs from various forms of transport carriers to process Advance Passenger Information and, where appropriate, return interactive responses in the form of passenger Board / No-Board decisions. This effectively extends your border control to the passenger’s point of departure. Interactive API decisions are based on targeting and intelligence rules that are configured to meet client needs and dynamic threats.

Passenger Name Record (PNR)

Passenger Name Record (PNR) and Specific Transport Types (STT) entries are supported and can receive information from carriers on various transport modes, with automatic data conversion.

Targeting and Intelligence

The system supports many types of watch lists; for example identifying Persons of Interest and passengers on No-Fly lists. Green lists allow registered travellers and Visa holders to be efficiently and speedily routed, while configurable Business Rules can be defined to target potential threats and problems. The system also highlights trends using various types of travel formats.

Targeting Centre

Support staff can view the entire Border Operation, reviewing staff levels, passenger counts, problems and threats; any potential threats and problems are evaluated – in-real time – before a passenger boards.

Interpol Checks

API data can be cross-checked against Interpol’s databases to prevent passengers with stolen or fraudulent passports from traveling. Interpol can also be cross-checked for any domestic travel if required.

Checkpoint Types

The following devices are available for use at both International and Domestic checkpoints:

Mobile Scanners

Allows operators to verify passengers anywhere / anytime. The travellers’ status and travel history will be available immediately and provide notification of any threats or privileges, such as Registered Traveller or Visa holder.  Mobile scanning is ideally suited to harsh environments, temporary border control points, emergency situations and mobile locations, such as trains and coaches

Fixed Control

These can be installed at permanent border crossings. In a similar way to mobile devices, fixed locations will immediately display all travellers’ details and highlight any threats and privileges.

Electronic Gate

Provides the highest levels of throughput, whilst guaranteeing passengers are screened and threats minimised.

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