Tracking of people, vehicles and other assets using GPS and mobile signals

A wide range of GPS tracking systems, used to remotely track vehicles, personnel and high value assets. Providing real-time information and historical data give a full picture of the targets movements. Software provides the ability to analyse collected data to identify patterns of movement, vehicle usage, and suspects’ behavior and lifestyle.

Westminster's product range includes miniaturized, covert tracking devices designed to be concealed within objects and/or items of clothing, small, sleek and discreet body-worn trackers with panic alarm functionality, rapidly deployable tracking devices and surveillance equipment and hard-wired vehicle tracking devices that are virtually undetectable. All equipment is designed and manufactured for maximum security and product quality.

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Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking devices are designed for either fixed-wired deployment, or for rapid deployment onto a target vehicle using powerful magnets.

Owing to the high quality of Westminster's hardware, and the security of data transmission; our vehicle trackers are in use at the highest levels of police, military, government and corporate entities around the world.

A fixed-wired tracker is ideal for use within the vehicle of an executive or VIP, while a rapid deployment tracker is well suited to covert operations, and situations where speed of deployment and system autonomy are key factors.

People Tracking

Trackers specially designed for use by VIPs/executives, or at-risk personnel in a covert application.

Our primary personnel tracker, has been built to meet the BS8484 specification for devices used in Lone Worker situations. Its sleek, simple design allows it to be easily carried by operatives or protected individuals for the purpose of tracking & monitoring and, should the need arise, panic alarm activation and response.

Westminster also has a variety of trackers designed to be inconspicuous and undetectable. Applications for this type of tracker include VIP protection and anti-kidnapping.

Asset Tracking

A selection of products designed for tracking and recovering valuable goods and assets. These range from small, multi-purpose trackers suited to place within boxes, bags or clothing; to covert tracking equipment secreted within packaging materials.

In the event that a tracker is required within a customized enclosure or existing product housing; Westminster's team can either engineer the tracking solution in-house, or an OEM solution can be provided - a kit containing the required circuitry to be installed by the customer.

Including a tracker within a shipment of valuable goods can ensure that a delivery is made using an agreed-upon route and schedule, and alert users in the event of unscheduled stops, route deviation, or whether the boxes have been opened using the built-in light sensor.

Asset trackers are currently in use by corporate clients internationally, including those in the pharmaceutical industry.

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